Bar RB Belgians



Berry herd
Located near Birtle in Southwestern Manitoba, Bar RB Belgians have been breeding and raising quality Belgian horses since 1981.
Bar RB Belgians is a family run equine ranch committed to the breeding and raising of quality horses for show and sale. Horses with the Bar RB brand have proven themselves to be extremely competitive in the show ring.
Bar RB Waylon
Because of our regular participation in horse shows including the NAERIC Draft Horse Classic, the Manitoba Pennwoods Draft Horse Futurity, the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, we know that good breeding is essential for optimum performance at home or in the show arena.
Our horses are part of who we are as a family. Not only is it our livelihood, it also provides us our source of entertainment and a social venue to visit with family and friends.
Band of mares
We are committed to the health and welfare of our horses. Every horse is on a regular vaccination, de-worming and farrier schedule, as well as routine herd health checks by a veterinarian.


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